Our immersions are designed to elevate, enhance and enrich your life experience, by aligning your heart, mind, body and soul.
Gifting yourself this time and sacred space is an act of self love that will reap rewards for the rest of your life.


Each of our retreats are empowered journeys that re-align your heart, mind, body and soul to the authentic power and potential that resides within.



We provide the space, time and teachings for you to empower every layer of your being, experience inner harmony and rediscover your true authentic self.



Join our our upcoming 5-day immersion on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus, or journey to the Island of the Gods, Bali. for our 7-day immersion.


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  • “The journey I experienced, on Errol’s retreat is beyond words. The word awesome does not even come close to describing the deep healing and expansiveness of how I feel and the richness of spirituality that has awoken within me.

    My whole being is vibrating with an aliveness that I have not experienced before in my life. This has been one of the most transformative journeys of my life.

    I highly recommend attending Errol’s retreats if you are ready to change your life.”

    Louise Madher-Hawco
    Alberta, Canada
  • “Since experiencing Errol’s, work, I am hearing, seeing and experiencing the world around me through my heart. It has expanded me in so many ways and shifted my life experience into a higher realm.

    If your intuition has brought Errol’s work into your personal field and vision or someone has told you, or even the fact that your reading this, act upon it…

    Do it, listen to your heart and just do it.”

    Stephanie McClain
    Bali, Indonesia
  • “Errol’s journey of the soul retreat is an amazing and transformative week, his deep wisdom and personal coaching took me deep into the silence within, connected to peace and deep healing.

    I released layers from the past and became more in touch with my highest self.

    I would recommend Errol’s retreats to everyone without hesitation. They are deep, beautiful, and brings a level of clarity that’s difficult to attain in the western world.”

    Heather Good
    Alberta, Canada
  • “Thank you, Errol, for a life changing experience! It was an incredible journey unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I am feeling such inner peace and my mind has become so calm.

    I’ve had an experience which is beyond words and beyond what my mind can comprehend, It is truly magical and miraculous. I cannot thank you enough for your loving and caring attitude towards people around you and being so true to your calling.”

    Anastasiya Timoshchenko
  • “Experiencing Errol’s work was a turning point for me and completely changed my life. I have experienced permanent shifts and the deepest healing within me.

    Twelve months on from attending, I’ve attracted the most amazing and supportive people and opportunities into my life, I am now living the life of my dreams in Bali, my business is launched and thriving and I’m happy. Errol, thank you from my heart.”

    Lisa Wright
    Bali, Indonesia
  • “Errol has shown me a whole new way of being and for the first time I truly understand what it means to enter my heart, to see from my heart and initiate changes from within my heart, my true core.

    If you want to break the mould, if you’re seeking change, a deeper understanding of who you are, or if you feel stuck and without direction, Errol is the man for you!”

    Claudia Asprey
    United Kingdom

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